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COVID19: Good news for Le Petit Compendium inc.

Le Petit Compendium inc. will therefore continue to provide its guides to health professionals from P.O. and website.
Following the government's announcement, it was specified that suppliers must continue to send equipment in order to supply the CISSS and other.
Professionals who are coming out of their retirement will be able to update their medication level with Le Petit Compendium 2020 and thus be up to their efficiency when they leave.
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Petit Compendium, 2020


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ISBN english version 978-2-924363-04-1
ISBN french version 978-2-9809466-5-3

ISBN english version 978-2-924363-13-3
ISBN french version 978-2-924363-12-6

ISBN english version 978-2-924363-05-8
ISBN french version 978-2-9809466-8-4

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