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     Frequently Asked Questions

    Q : I would like to purchase the Petit Compendium and/or the Guide Médical. What should I do?

    R : Visit a bookstore or Place the order here and Pay with credit card, bank card or Paypal

    Q : How much do the Petit Compendium, Pharmacology Synthesis Guide and the Guide Médical cost?

    R : The Petit Compendium costs $16.95 (tax not included) plus the handling and shipping.
    The Pharmacology Synthesis Guide costs $16.95 (tax not included) plus the handling and shipping.
    The Guide Médical costs $28.95 (tax not included) plus the handling and shipping.
    Shipping fees are added to your order and will appear on your Order Form.

    Q : Do I have to pay on-line or give my credit card number?

    R : Yes we accept credit card (Visa and Master Card) and PayPal

    Q : What is the shipping time frame?

    R : 4 or 5 days.

    Q : What is the difference between Le Petit Compendium and the Guide Médical?

    R : The Petit Compendium contains a list of medications with their generic names, commercial names, class and principal treatments. The Guide Médical is more a reminder of different medical aspects, and does not contain medication information. Both guides are of similar quality and size.

    Q : When will next year’s Guides be available?

    R : Every year, the new Petit Compendium becomes available around the end of october or early in november. The time of the month may vary due to the commercialization of new medications.

    Q : Do you offer group rebates?

    R : We will add 1 (one) free copy as a special promotion on purchases each 5 (five) of any title (That mean, buy 5 and you will receive 6th copy free).

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