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 The 2021 Petit Compendium
We recommend this Reference Guide to you for the proper use of oral, intravenous, inhalational, intramuscular and subcutaneous medications

About 27 new medications have been added to the 21th edition of the Petit Compendium, which now contains over 2461 prescription medications.

Size: Pocket book size (7.5 cm X 12.5 cm or 3" x 5 ")
Binding: Spiral binding at the top end
Printing: Black and white on both sides of the page
Page: 78 laminated pages
Version: English and French
Content: Oral, intravenous, inhalation, intramuscular and subcutaneous medications
Reference: C.P.S. 2021
Price: $16.95 shipping not included. (The price may vary without notice.)
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The 2021 Petit Compendium lists all medications by commercial name, generic name, class and principal treatment.


Reference facility is within armís reach. With this Guide, you will have the answer to most questions about drug treatments. If your patient does not know why he or she is taking a particular prescription drug, this guide will provide the necessary information.

Examples of the Petit Compendium in PDF format:


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