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 First Responders Guide

Here is the First Responders Guide. This guide is a summary of the protocols used by the First Responders.

The First Responders Guide, 2nd edition, is builted on a pocket size.

Your will find protocols like ACP, RÉA, SIN, IND., ENV., MED., OBS., PED., MED-LEG , TRAUMA and TECHNIQUES.

Dimension : Pocket book size 7.5 cm X 12.5 cm (3’’ X 5’’).
Binding : Spirale partie supérieur.
Impression : Black and white on both sides of the page.
No. of page : 86 Laminated pages.
Version : French Version.
Content : Protocoles PR, modules 1 to 10 summary.
Reference : Heart and stroke foundation of Quebec, PICPR, Anatomie le Totora.
Price : $26.95 unit (taxs and shipping not included). The price may vary without notice.
Stock : French only

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First Responders Guide exemple, french document, PDF format:


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